How to Become a CPCS Qualified Crane Operator

How to Become a CPCS Qualified Crane Operator

Role and Responsibilities

The role of a Crane Operator is to ensure the safe and efficient lifting of materials on construction sites.

Their main responsibilities include:

  • Completing lifting duties safely and efficiently
  • Conducting daily machine safety checks
  • Maintaining accurate records of daily activities
  • Fitting an assortment of lift attachments
  • Monitoring crane stability and load weights
  • Working with riggers, slingers, and signallers

Average Annual Salary

Cranes are highly specialised machines that require skilful operators. As a result, Crane Operators can often earn a competitive salary – especially if they have many years of experience.

According to, Crane Operators earn an average salary of £39,000 in the UK.

Necessary Qualifications

Employers commonly require operators to hold a CPCS Red Trained Operator Card.

To achieve this you must:


Some employers also require operators to upgrade to a CPCS Blue Competent Operator Card.

To achieve this you must:

  • Achieve your CPCS Trained Operator Card
  • Complete the relevant NVQ
How to Become a CPCS Qualified Crane Operator

There are a variety of different cranes used on construction sites. Some are more commonly used, while others are more specialised.

Before booking your CPCS training course, make sure to do your research to find out which course is suited to your needs:

CPCS A02 Crawler Crane Training Courses

crawler crane

CPCS A04 Tower Crane Training Courses

tower crane

CPCS A60 Mobile Crane Training Courses

crane operator

CPCS A66 Compact Crane Training Courses

compact crane

3 Reasons To Become a Crane Operator

1.       Job Stability

The need for workers skilled in crane operation is consistently strong, as many different industries require cranes on-site. Becoming a qualified Crane Operator will give you confidence when navigating the job market, as you know that your services are always needed.

2.     Job Variety

Crane operators often work on a variety of job sites, helping to contribute to a range of different projects. Each project brings new challenges, which can help to keep the job interesting and engaging.

3.     Career Growth

Crane operation offers many opportunities for career advancement. With additional training and qualifications, there is the potential to progress into higher-paying roles such as a supervisor or instructor.


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