CSCS Card Types

The acronym CSCS stands for Construction Skills Certification Scheme. This test examines construction workers knowledge across a wide range of topics to improve safety and productivity on site. It is usually taken as a PC-based touch screen test. Everyone applying for a CSCS card must pass the appropriate health, safety and environment (HSE) test, within the last two years.

There are a few exemptions to this which can be found on the CSCS website. Typically, an exemption will apply if you already have other qualifications in your name that have been achieved within the last 2 years.

Who Operates CSCS?

The construction industry training board (CITB) are the governing body who provide the CSCS card types. The CITB is a government organisation founded on the premise to help build the UK’s reputation construction industry. As CITB are a government organisation they also offer levy for tests meaning you can get money back from doing CPCS tests, as a motivation to up skill the UK’s work force. At BAM we are an accredited test centre in which we can conduct CSCS tests based at our Bracknell site.

CSCS Card Types

In simple form there are different colours for the different types of CSCS cards. Starting from the first there is;

  • Green – Labourer/Construction site operative
  • Red – Apprentice
  • Red – Experienced Worker
  • Red – Trainee Card
  • Red – Experienced Worker
  • Red – Experienced Technical Supervisor & Manager
  • Blue – Skilled worker
  • Gold – Advanced craft
  • Gold – Supervisory
  • Black – Manager

Why Comply With CSCS?

The test concludes whether you are competent through a variety of topics based on health, safety and environment. It makes sure you are working safely for yourself to prevent any injury, but also those around you, and making sure you are conducting yourself as efficiently and safely as possible. Also, many employers look for you to have your CSCS card as it proves that you are safe and competent when it comes to the basics of most sites.

BAMCT is accredited CSCS centre

CSCS Training Courses – BAM Construction Training are an accredited CSCS training and testing provider – offering a range of CSCS courses at our centres, or on your site.

CSCS training courses offer flexibility, whilst maintaining standards, both nationally and internationally by working with industry and accredited training providers.

Established in 1992, the National Plant Operators Registration Scheme is now one of the UK’s leading Accreditation and Registration Bodies, working across the Construction, Industrial, Utilities, Warehousing and Distribution, Agricultural, Ports and Marine sectors.

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