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Go Construct showcase the many career opportunities available in the construction industry. The website looks to promote the industry, meet the future skills needed of the industry and recruit a workforce that is diverse and ready for the challenge. There main aims are to inspire people considering a career in construction, discover what a career in the industry entails and for people to experience the industry for themselves.

Back in 2018 our managing director Matt became a GO Construct Ambassador. Matt is someone hugely passionate about the construction industry, he took on the role to share his journey and experiencesin the hope of inspiring the future generation to think about construction industry career.

Throughout his brief time as an ambassador Matt has visited many organizations as well as colleges and schools across the country to offer his insight into working in the construction industry since he left school himself over 10 years ago. This has not only allowed him to reflect on his journey, but raise awareness of the career paths available within the industry and provide valuable advice to individuals and groups considering a career path in construction.

Very often those people that Matt have met are experiencing what it may be like to work in the construction industry for the first time. By reaching out to local communities and highlighting the opportunities that are available, this can not only educate but help to inspire the next generation of new entrants.

Catching up with Matt, we asked him why he decided to take on the role of Go Construct ambassador…

“Anyone that knows me knows how passionate I am and how much I enjoy working in the construction industry. I was keen to help Go Construct promote the industry and was delighted to discuss my experiences in the hope of getting the next generation thinking about a career in construction.”

Go Construct are funded through CITB Levy, meaning the whole industry contributes to its success and has ownership. There motto is ‘A campaign by industry, for industry’.

If you are working with local schools and colleges, or would like to arrange a conversation for inspiring people into the industry, get in touch with Matt to arrange a conversation. You can also visit the Go Construct website for more information and in the meantime, check out their informative infographic below highlighting some current figures of those in the construction industry.

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