Everything You Need to Know About CPCS Training

Everything You Need to Know About CPCS Training

What is a CPCS Qualification?

CPCS (Construction Plant Competence Scheme) is the most widely recognised qualification scheme for plant operators in the UK. CPCS qualifications, which are awarded in the form of cards, are designed to prove that workers have the necessary training to safely operate specific types of construction machinery.

Is CPCS Training a Legal Requirement?

While CPCS training isn’t a legal requirement, employers are required to ensure that employees can safely carry out their roles – this is in order to comply with health & safety laws and legislation. Because of this, most construction sites require workers to hold the relevant CPCS qualifications before employment.

How do I get a CPCS Card?

To earn a CPCS Red (Trained Operator) Card, operators must pass:

  • Relevant CPCS Theory Test
  • Relevant CPCS Practical Test
  • Relevant CITB Health, Safety & Environment Test

At BAMCT, we offer a range of CPCS training courses to help you prepare for your theory and practical tests. We also accommodate the CITB Health, Safety & Environment Test at our Wokingham training centre, which you can book here.

What are CPCS Categories?

CPCS categories cover the wide range of roles that workers may have. There are over 60+ CPCS categories to choose from, which cover machine operating (e.g. diggers and tractors) and other roles such as slinging and vehicle marshalling.

How Long is a CPCS Training Course?

The duration of CPCS training courses may vary depending on the training centre, CPCS category, and whether you are a novice or experienced worker. At BAMCT, all our CPCS training courses run from 2 – 10 days, which includes CPCS testing.

How Much Does CPCS Training Cost?

The cost of CPCS training courses may vary depending on the training centre, CPCS category, and whether you are a novice or experienced worker. Although experienced worker training is often cheaper, it’s also shorter in duration – to get the most out of your training, be sure to book based on your experience level.

Can You Get Funding for CPCS Training?

CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) provide a range of grant and funding schemes to businesses to help contribute towards the costs of training and development. This includes all recognised qualifications such as short courses, qualifications and apprenticeships. Find out more about CITB grants here.

How Many Questions Are on the CPCS Test?

Depending on the CPCS category chosen, the number of CPCS theory test questions will vary. At BAMCT, we provide theory training as part of every CPCS training course, to help you best prepare for your CPCS theory testing.

What’s the Difference Between Red and Blue CPCS Cards?

CPCS Red (Trained Operator) Cards last for 2 years and are issued to those who pass the relevant CPCS theory and practical tests. After this, workers can apply for a CPCS Blue (Competent Operator) Card which lasts 5 years. Those that want to upgrade, must complete the relevant Level 2 Construction NVQ. At BAMCT, we offer a range of different construction-based NVQs, which you can browse here.

Is CPCS better than NPORS?

Just like CPCS, NPORS is a qualification scheme designed to prove the skills of plant operators in the UK. There’s an ongoing debate on whether CPCS or NPORS is better – however, there’s no straightforward answer. When choosing between the two schemes, you should consider which will best suit your specific requirements. Learn about the main differences between CPCS and NPORS and decide which is best for you, with help from our previous article ‘CPCS vs NPORS: Which is best?’.


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