CPCS vs NPORS: Which is best?

CPCS vs NPORS: Which is best?

Qualification schemes exist in the UK construction industry to assess and verify the competence of plant operators. Two widely recognised schemes include:

CPCS – Construction Plant Competence Scheme.

NPORS – National Plant Operators Registration Scheme.

With two to choose from, it can be tough to decide which scheme is best for you.

That’s why we’ve outlined…

The 3 Key Differences Between CPCS and NPORS

1.       Recognition

In the past, CPCS was seen as the only choice when it came to getting your plant qualifications. This was because most, if not all, employers required workers to hold a valid CPCS card to gain access on-site.

However, in recent years, NPORS has gained significantly more recognition in the construction industry. Nowadays, it’s less common to come across a construction site that doesn’t recognise NPORS qualifications.

2.     Cost

NPORS courses generally work out cheaper for large groups of workers looking to get certified. Whereas CPCS courses can work out cheaper if you are just looking to get yourself or a small team of workers certified.

NPORS courses are priced based on day rate charges. This means that the more candidates that you book onto a course, the more you’ll get for your money! However, other charges may apply, such as milage and registration fees.

On the other hand, CPCS courses are simply priced based on the cost of the course and number of candidates that you book. Unlike NPORS, this price is often all-inclusive, unless the centre must hire in plant machinery for you.

3.     Location

CPCS courses must take place at an accredited CPCS test centre. If you’re lucky enough to find a centre nearby, great! They’ll have the correct facilities waiting there for you. However, this isn’t convenient for everyone.

That’s where NPORS comes in. NPORS courses can take place on-site if you have one. This can reduce travel time and allow you to complete the course using plant machinery that you are already familiar with using.

Bonus Information: CPCS and NPORS cards both last for the same amount of time. Basic cards last for 2 years, while higher level cards last for 5 years.

In conclusion, CPCS and NPORS are both widely recognised schemes that help workers to become qualified plant operators. Your choice between CPCS and NPORS will ultimately depend on your specific needs and preferences.

Here at BAM Construction Training, we offer both CPCS and NPORS courses. No matter what scheme you decide is best, we’re here to help you get qualified.

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