360 Slew Telehandler Training

Course introduction

360 Slew Telehandler Training – BAM Construction Training’s CPCS A77 Telehandler 360 slew training course (3 or 6 day foundation) is designed to provide novice and intermediate operators with sufficient telehandler 360 slew training which will enable them to competently and safely carry out the role of a 360 telehandler operator and pass the CPCS theory/practical assessments.

We also offer a 1 day CPCS A77 Telehandler 360 Slew Transitional Assessment (A89) for candidates who need to convert their existing (retired) A17D tickets to the new A77 Telehandler 360 Slew category. You must hold CPCS A17D Telehandler (inc 360 Slew) to be eligible for this option.


Course time 3 days


Course time 6 days





Transitional (A89)




Eligibility Criteria

Before attending this course, candidates must pass the CITB Health and Safety Test for Operatives (OPS) within the past 2 years. We can accommodate this test at our centre for a fee of £60+VAT.

Machine & Videos

Candidates attending our CPCS A77 Telehandler 360 Slew or CPCS A77 Transitional Assessment (A89) courses will be trained and tested on our brand new Magni RTH 6.30 SH. This innovative machine boasts a range of features including a very intuitive and user friendly touch screen display which is used to manage the whole machine. Download the specifications and load charts for the Magni RTH 6.30 SH.

We also have a selection of videos for CPCS A17 Telehandler training which are applicable to parts of the 360 Slew Telehandler training course. These videos provide candidates with step by step instructions on how to execute successful activities such as slope workhigh lift and stacking / destacking.

CPCS A17 Telehandler

5 Videos

Course Learning Outcomes

We have an average 2022 CPCS pass rate of


Pass Rate

Activity Instructions (A77)

Complete all manufacturer’ pre-start and running checks and prepare the excavator for travel.

Prepare and set the telehandler for each lift. Fit the relevant attachment.

*Forks* Travel up & down the slope, over rough terrain & pass through a chicane. Stop & restart on incline (loaded).

*Forks* High lift & retrieve load. Lorry loading & unloading. Stack 3 loads vertically & destack.

*Forks* Lift load & place at ground level at an indicated point using full reach (horizontal) of the telehandler.

*Forks* Lift load & reverse in a straight line for at least 20m, passing through a restriction at the end of the run.

*Suspended Loads* Lift & place load at given point below ground level or behind a structure. Create stack at given location.

*Hoist Rope* Lift load from min to max radius in relation to load. Lift load & reverse for 10m and pass through a restriction.

*Hoist Rope* Place load onto the vehicle bed. Lift load at max radius and slew through 200° & land load within 2m of machines max radius.

*Hoist Rope* Lift load & simulate a concrete pouring exercise by travelling the load in a straight line (min 6m) and land load at given place.

*Hoist Rope* Position machine so that stabiliser footprint is 2m from base of tower & lift load (75% radius), slew 90° & place on tower.

Remove the hook / hoist rope & return the machine ready for fork-use. Park the machine & carry out shut-down & securing procedures.

Activity Instructions A77 Transitional Assessment (A89)

*Classroom* Using the given suspended loads lifting capacity diagrams, answer a 7 part question.

*Classroom* Using the given lifting capacity diagram, answer a 3 part question.

Prepare the machine for work, setup for work, change attachments and travel to the working area.

Lift a wide load at max radius & slew 200° and land load within 2m of machines max radius (using 3 services).

Lift a load at least 50% of the rated capacity & simulate concrete pouring exercise by travelling the load in a straight line (min 6m).

Position machine so that stabiliser footprint is 2m from base of tower & lift load (75% radius), slew 90° & place on tower.

Lift a load at least 50% of the rated capacity & pass through a chicane, executing full turns in forward & reverse direction.

Ensure consistent observations. Assess & secure weight loads. Carry out all shut down and securing procedures.

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