Crane Supervisor Course (CPCS A62)

Foundation: 4 Days - Experienced: 2 Days


Crane Supervisor Course – BAM Construction Training’s CPCS A62 Crane Lift Supervisor training course (4 day foundation) is designed to provide novice and intermediate operators with sufficient crane lift supervisor training which will enable them to competently and safely carry out the role as a crane/lifting operations supervisor and pass the CPCS theory/practical assessments.

We also offer a 2 day experienced worker course for candidates who do not require practical training.

Eligibility: Candidates must have a valid health, safety and environment test for supervisors (SUP) within the past 2 years (also referred to as the CSCS touch screen test). We can accommodate this at our centre for a fee of £50 (inc vat).

Crane Supervisor Course (CPCS A62) - Learning Outcomes

Through a combination of targeted crane lift supervisor training and experience, an individual on the crane supervisor course will learn to:

Explain duties & responsibilities of APs, supervisors, operators, slingers, signallers, crane erectors & maintenance personnel.

Explain slinging techniques for given loads including balanced, unbalanced and loose. Confirm weights & centres of gravity in accordance with given method statement.

State requirements of legislation & codes of practice for all types of lifting duties. State requirements that allow safe site access & egress for lifting equipment.

Describe & demonstrate different types of communication methods. Communicate lift plan information. Report & explain positive & negative aspects of lift to the AP.

Explain the function and use off, and use information provided by, RCIs & anti-collision systems. Explain additional requirements for loads to be lifted from height.

Identify hazards & evaluate environmental factors & surrounding area external to lift zone. Prepare areas with exclusion zones from given lift plans, ensuring safe access / egress routes.

Describe setting up, erection, levelling & dismantling requirements for different types of lifting equipment and lifts. Explain applications for different accessories.

Verify potential proximity & underground hazards from given plans & drawings. Mark position of lifting accessories & prepare load spreading systems as required. Control lifting operation using a plan.

Activity Instructions

Receive & study lift plan. Ensure all personnel involved are suitably qualified & attired, and inform them of their duties. Prepare the area of operation.

Ensure loads are safe and accessories returned to storage.

Mark the position of the crane & guide the crane from the site entry point to the required location (min of 10m away from lifting point). Ensure crane is certified.

Debrief all personnel involved in the lifting operation & verbally report aspects of the lift to the AP.

Identify the weight of the load and its characteristics. Check landing area and mark exact position for landing the load. Indicate positions to the slinger/signaller.

Guide the crane from the lift position back to the site access point.

Ensure accessories attached as per lift plan. Check integrity of the load. Ensure load is moved and landed as per the lift plan. Demonstrate emergency stop.

During the test, the tester will undertake the role of the AP. All hand signals must conform with BS 7121 P1.

CPCS A62 Crane/Lift Supervisor 2017 Pass Rates


A62 Crane/Lift Supervisor Theory Test


A62 Crane/Lift Supervisor Practical Test

3 Day Course: £1195+vat

Day 1: Theory Training. Day 2: Practical Training. Day 3: Theory and Practical Tests.

2 Day Course: £795+vat

Day 1: Theory Training. Day 3: Theory and Practical Tests.

CPCS A62 Crane Supervisor courses are run on demand. Please contact us to request dates and availability for this course.