360 Excavator Training Course (CPCS A59)

Foundation: 6 Days - Experienced: 3 Days


360 Excavator Training Course – BAM Construction Training’s CPCS A58/A59 360 Excavator training course (6 day foundation) is designed to provide novice and intermediate operators with sufficient 360 excavator training which will enable them to competently and safely carry out the role of an excavator operator and pass the CPCS theory/practical assessments.

We also offer a 3 day experienced worker course for candidates who do not require practical training. If you are considering this option we recommend reading the activity instructions further down this page.

Please note that we run this course as 1 candidate to 1 machine for all practical training to ensure that candidates receive sufficient practical training time.

Eligibility: Candidates must have a valid health, safety and environment test for operatives (OPS) within the past 2 years (also referred to as the CSCS touch screen test). We can accommodate this at our centre for a fee of £50 (inc vat).

360 Excavator Training (CPCS A59) - Learning Outcomes

Through a combination of targeted 360 excavator training and experience, an individual with the 360 excavator will be able to:

Describe the nature of the sector of industry and their role and responsibilities as a plant operator.

Prepare for excavating duties. Explain actions required for hazards, underground and overhead services

Name & explain the purpose of principal components, the basic construction, controls & terminology

Excavate differing types of excavations in various types of ground. Place materials into transporting vehicles.

Conform with manufacturer requirements and relevant regulations/legislation. Undertake all pre-use checks

Grade, spread and level ground and materials. Attach and remove buckets

Travel over rough, undulating ground, inclines and level surfaces. Manoeuvre in confined spaces

Carry out shut down and securing procedures. Explain the procedures for transportation

Activity Instructions

The following activity instructions relate to excavator endorsements A and B:

Complete all manufacturer’ pre-start and running checks and prepare the excavator for travel

Complete a square excavation with vertical sides at the end of the dug trench: 3x buckets wide ± 35mm depth

Travel to the work area, up & down the slope, over rough terrain & pass through a restriction (800 mm)

Load materials into a vehicle (loaded to capacity) and change the bucket

Prepare and set the excavator for the relevant work

Reinstate the work area back to its original state

Produce a vertical trench – 15m length, 1m deep ± 35mm and straight within ± 60mm

Park the excavator and carry out shut-down and securing procedures

CPCS A59 Excavator 2017 Pass Rates


A59 Excavator Theory test


A59 Endorsement A (Tracked)


A59 Endorsement B (Wheeled)


A59 Endorsement C (Lifting Ops)

6 Day Course: £2195+vat

Day 1: Theory Training. Days 2-5: Practical Training. Day 6: Theory and Practical Tests. A minimum of 20 hours practical training is guaranteed.

3 Day Course: £1295+vat

Day 1: Theory Training. Day 3: Practical Training. Day 6: Theory and Practical Tests. No practical training is provided. We don’t recommend this option to anyone who has not done CPCS before.

Lifting Ops (C): £349+vat

Theory Route: Theory training + theory test
Practical Route: Practical training + practical test

A59 Excavator Addons

Practical Training: £350+vat per day
Theory Test Only: £100+vat
Practical Test Only: £725+vat

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