The evolution of plant training schemes alongside the EUSR

The evolution of plant training schemes alongside the EUSR

Our range of training courses for construction has now widened! BAM Construction Training has recently been approved as an Energy and Utilities Skill provider, with an array of new courses coming soon for you to browse and book. Here’s what being on the Energy and Utility Skill Register (EUSR) means.

What is the Energy and Utility Skills Register?

The Energy and Utility Skill Register (EUSR) is the online register of skills and training for persons working within the energy and utilities sector. It confirms the qualifications each individual holds. As such, the EUSR keeps a record of all individuals who have successfully undertaken a training course or successfully completed an assessment via one of EUSR’s schemes or programmes. Everyone who completes a training course or qualification is issued with a unique EUSR ID number, as well as a photo ID card.

The card will remain valid for a period of three to five years. After that, the individual must undertake the training or assessment once again in order to renew their registration – meaning that employers can turn to the EUSR with confidence for recruitment, as well as for training and upskilling of their existing staff. The renewal ensures that each person is working to current best practise and in line with current legislation.

Is an EUSR card a CSCS card?

Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) cards are proof that individuals have all the required training and qualifications needed to carry out their work safely and competently on construction sites. The EUSR is affiliated with the CSCS for all its Safety, Health, and Environmental Awareness (SHEA) schemes. The EUSR card carries the CSCS logo.

What is an EUSR Course?

All EUSR courses have been developed in cooperation with employers and industry leaders within specific sectors. This ensures the vast range of courses covers all aspects of the industries concerned and all skill sets needed.

The industries covered include:

  • Gas
  • Drainage and Sewers
  • Power
  • Water
  • Telecommunications
  • Smart Metering
  • Waste and Resource Management


Each training scheme falls within one of four categories:

  1. Passport Schemes: These are entry-level training courses for those new to the industry. These schemes have been developed in cooperation with employers across the industries above
  2. Skills-based Schemes: these have been specifically created to develop skills in a particular role or area
  3. Bespoke Programmes: these programmes are developed when there is a lack of industry standards, or where a specific industry or a personalized approach is required
  4. Endorsed Training Programmes: EUSR may endorse training courses and schemes designed by organisations


As all individuals on the register have both their identity and relevant training certificates verified by EUSR, employers can trust that the person in question is able to carry out their role safely, without posing a danger to themselves or others on site. An online register is available, so qualifications can be quickly verified, helping employers to remain compliant.



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