NRSWA Streetworks | Course Calendar

NRSWA training course calendar for our upcoming novice worker NRSWA courses.  Please note that the experienced worker route does not include any practical training and is only recommended for operatives with previous experience of the scheme – please enquire for pricing. Can’t find the course you need below? Contact us

Course Start DateCourse NameVenuePriceStart TimeEnd DateEnd Time
04/07/2022NRSWA Streetworks - Novice 5 Day CourseWokingham£79508:0008/07/202216:00
11/07/2022NRSWA Streetworks - Reassessment CourseWokingham£34908:0011/07/202216:00
01/08/2022NRSWA Streetworks - Novice 5 Day CourseWokingham£79508:0005/08/202216:00
08/08/2022NRSWA Streetworks - Reassessment CourseWokingham£34908:0008/08/202216:00
12/09/2022NRSWA Streetworks - Reassessment CourseWokingham£34908:0012/09/202216:00
03/10/2022NRSWA Streetworks - Novice 5 Day CourseWokingham£79508:0007/10/202216:00
10/10/2022NRSWA Streetworks - Reassessment CourseWokingham£34908:0010/10/202216:00
31/10/2022NRSWA Streetworks - Novice 5 Day CourseWokingham£79508:0004/11/202216:00
07/11/2022NRSWA Streetworks - Reassessment CourseWokingham£34908:0007/11/202216:00
28/11/2022NRSWA Streetworks - Novice 5 Day CourseWokingham£79508:0002/12/202216:00
05/12/2022NRSWA Streetworks - Reassessment CourseWokingham£34908:0005/12/202216:00
05/09/2022NRSWA Streetworks - Novice 5 Day CourseWokingham£79508:0009/09/202216:00

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