Prove Your Occupational Competency: Book Your NVQ Course with BAM CT

Prove Your Occupational Competency: Book Your NVQ Course with BAM CT

What is an NVQ?

NVQs (National Vocational Qualifications) are work-based qualifications based on national occupational standards. NVQs outline what skills and knowledge a person needs to have to be classed as competent in a particular occupation. They cover aspects such as current best practice, the ability to adapt to future requirements and help to underpin competent performance.

NVQs can be completed in your own time and delivered to any type of employee. This includes full-time employees, part-time employees, self-employed workers, and work placement students. There are no age limits or special entry requirements.

Complete Your NVQ at BAM CT

BAM Construction Training is an accredited NVQ training and testing provider. We offer a range of NVQ courses ranging from levels 1 – 6. The courses can involve coming to our centre but often revolve around workplace observations on-site. Either way, our assessors are there to gather the evidence needed for you need to achieve the qualification.

The Benefits of NVQs

NVQ training courses are a fantastic opportunity for both employers and employees.

For Employers:

  • Effective way of developing staff to a nationally recognised standard
  • Evidences employee capability based on what they can do rather than what they know
  • On the job training and evidence gathering – meaning less employee downtime
  • Ensures that employees are up to date with industry standards and best practice

For Candidates:

  • Flexible route to becoming workplace qualified – with no examinations!
  • Practical demonstration of your skills, knowledge and understanding
  • Certification approves that you have met the national standards for that job role
  • Recognised qualification accessible to everyone – no other formal education required

Even better news… you cannot fail an NVQ!

Candidates will either be classed as competent or not yet competent. This just means that you would need to provide further evidence over a period to prove competency.

Upgrade Your CPCS Card From Red to Blue

Looking to upgrade your CPCS card? NVQs are required when upgrading from a CPCS Red Card to a CPCS Blue Card. You also require an NVQ for certain types of CSCS Card – such as Supervisors and Managers Cards.

Our Most Popular NVQs

Here at BAM CT we specialise in Plant Operations NVQs. However, there’s a huge range of NVQs out there relevant for a range of other trades.

Some of our most popular NVQ categories include:

  • 360 Excavator NVQ
  • Rear Tipping Dumper NVQ
  • Telehandler NVQ
  • Ride on Roller NVQ
  • Mobile Crane NVQ


Think an NVQ might be right for you?

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