Pass Your CSCS Health and Safety Test with BAM CT

Pass Your CSCS Health and Safety Test with BAM CT

What is The CSCS Health and Safety Test?

The CSCS Health and Safety Test (HSE Test) helps to increase your understanding of how to behave on-site and raise your awareness of healthsafety, and environmental issues.

**It is vital to gaining access to sites and is required for CPCS Operator Cards, NPORS Trained Operator Cards and CSCS Cards**

Before training and testing at BAM CT, we require all candidates to pass their HSE Test. The Test must have been taken in the relevant category and passed within 2 years of the date of the CPCS Technical Test and the date on which the card application is received by CITB.

Why Should You Choose BAM CT?

Need to pass your HSE Test? No problem – you can still join us for training and testing as we will arrange for you to sit the relevant test at our Centre.

We endeavour to offer candidates a relaxed and friendly environment to prepare for and sit their HSE Test. That is why we offer a range of benefits you will not necessarily find at other test centres, including:

  • Free and secure on-site parking
  • Complimentary tea and coffee
  • Flexible choice of test times

More About the HSE Test

Each HSE Test costs £50 (including VAT). Make sure you choose the relevant HSE Test for you, as different test categories meet the needs of different trades and professions. Here at BAM CT, we offer the following HSE Tests:

  • OPS – Operatives
  • MAPS – Managers and Professionals
  • SUP – Supervisory
  • DEM – Demolition
  • SUP – Supervisory
  • WAH – Specialist work at height

Each test lasts 45 minutes and consists of 50 multiple choice questions. The minimum pass mark for all HSE Tests is 45 out of 50.

If you don’t pass your HSE Test the first time, don’t worry. We can book you in for a re-test as early as 48 hours after your previous attempt. To ensure the best chance of passing, we recommend revising using CITB revision material


Ready to sit your HSE Test? To book your HSE Test at BAM CT click here

Contact our office at 01189 790 030 for more information.


Please Note: You must bring a form of identity with you to your test. The ID must show your address and a photo (i.e. passport, driving license). If you do not have the suitable ID, you will not be able to sit the Test and you will not be refunded.


Enquire using the form below. Please keep in mind that the more available dates you provide us with, the more likely we are able to fit you onto a course. We do not run courses on Sunday.

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