Level 6 NVQ in Construction Site Management

Level 6 NVQ in Construction Site Management

This NVQ is managed by our external assessor. All communication will be made between the assessor and candidate directly. The assessor and yourself can/will communicate via email or phone should there be any doubts regarding the questions or site visits. As you and assessor will be in communication, everything will be organised between you and the assessor. This meaning, you will not be required to be at the same site every visit. The number of site visits required can vary and are dependent on the learner.

The NVQ is an assessment, please note: this is not something that you can fail. If the assessor requires more time with yourself to complete the NVQ, he will simply arrange more visits. However, the quicker the evidence is returned to the assessor, the more likely it is to speed up the NVQ process.

  • Complete an evidence list where he is required to provide 16-17 pieces of evidence.
  • Complete 19 units (answering questions which can be done in your own time) the quicker you can complete these questions the quicker the NVQ can be signed off.
  • The NVQ assessor will then visit yourself on site to provide feedback on the questions and deliver onsite assessments. This will be scheduled at times that are convenient for you. Both the learner and assessor will decide on dates for the next site visit.

NVQ Requirements

  1. You must be working on site
  2. You must have access to the machine required to complete the required assessment criteria during the observation

Once the portfolio has been completed, the assessor will complete his sections and pass the portfolio on to the internal verifier. Providing your portfolio doesn’t require any further evidence, it will then be signed off. We will then claim and achieve your NVQ as complete, this will then release the certificates. They will be sent directly to us and we will then send them to you. The card is to be applied through CSCS directly. The card application cost is £36. This will need to be paid over the phone and you will be required to send over a copy of your NVQ certificates to CSCS. They will then process the application on your behalf, and you should receive the card within 2-3 working days.



Level 4 NVQ Diploma Construction Site Supervision


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