How to get your Streetworks ticket

How to get your Streetworks ticket

Are you ready to get your Streetworks ticket? We’re a fully accredited NRSWA training and testing provider, so when you successfully complete a course, you’ll receive a recognised NRSWA certification. Our courses are flexible and offered throughout the year so you can train at your convenience, and we have options for both novice and re-qualification.

How long does a Streetworks ticket last?

Each Streetworks ticket lasts for five years from the date of issue. This ticket shows your area of competency. If your certification has lapsed, you can complete a reassessment course. If you haven’t completed a previous Streetworks ticket, you’ll need to do the full novice course.

What is a Streetworks course?

NRSWA accredited streetworks training courses are essential for anyone who works either on or near public roads. This is a legal requirement in the United Kingdom under the New Roads and Street Works Act.

The qualification ensures that those who work on public roads and highways, or with utility companies, have the appropriate knowledge required to complete their duties in a safe and competent manner.

NRSWA stands for New Roads and Street Works Act who are the governing body that oversees training programmes in this area. All workers who fulfil the criteria for participation must complete a course before they are legally able to carry out any work.

Courses generally contain a combination of practical and theoretical exercises, which are designed to help cater for varying skill levels. This includes a refresher course to help sharpen up trainees who have already undertaken previous Streetworks training.

The course you choose depends on your existing skill level. For instance, someone with no training in how to work safely by a roadside would need to undertake the Novice 5 Day Course, to ensure they are prepared for the challenges and unique problems that need to be solved when carrying out work in this location.

Someone who has already carried out training would be better suited to a Reassessment Course.

Typical areas of competency covered include:

  • Signing
  • Lighting and guarding
  • Training on excavation and monitoring
  • Work around footways and
  • Surface reconstruction

Our training courses have been designed to meet all the regulatory requirements to obtain a Streetworks ticket. Having an NRSWA ticket demonstrates to your employer or prospective employer that your work meets the high standards (both nationally and internationally) required by Streetwork related construction projects.

How do I get a NRSWA card?

To get an NRSWA card, trainees need to take part in an NRSWA course. At BAMCT, our NRSWA Streetworks training is the perfect way to help secure your NRSWA card.

If you’re unsure which NRSWA units you must complete, please contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

How long is a Streetworks course?

Streetworks courses vary in length, depending on the requirements of the trainee. We regularly run courses including Reassessment Courses and our Novice 5 Day Course. Prices range between £349-£795.

Experienced worker training does not include any practical training and is suited to operatives who have previously taken part in NRSWA Streetworks training.

To find out more about our Streetworks training course, get in touch with the BAMCT team.


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