Director of BAM Construction Training becomes UK Construction Week Role Model

Director of BAM Construction Training becomes UK Construction Week Role Model

The UK Construction Week Role Model programme is a list of various members nominated by others wanting to take part in various initiatives to push forward the construction industry. A quote direct from UK Construction Week being ; “We want a diverse and representative selection to show the world the myriad of opportunities and talent the sector holds.”

Why do you love working in Construction?

“Construction for me, is the most exciting industry to be in. High tech gadgets and tools, state of the art machinery and wages excessively high compared with the level of education. Not to mention working outside in the sun!

I also love the diversity on sites, no two individuals working are the same. Stepping on site, you will see all nationalities, young & old speaking different languages and yet they’re all working towards to the same common goal – completing the project on time.

At our training centre, we thrive off the uniqueness each individual present as they come through the gates. They may have been in the industry for years or are taking their first steps in a new career. Some come to us from university, some left school at 13. Some learners need extra time and assistance as they struggle with reading or writing, and others need translators. No two days are the same here but the feeling we get when they pass is still as refreshing and exciting as it’s always been. We’re always on the lookout for exciting new techniques to share with our students and develop our students to be the best they can be on site. Safety is the number one priority and that’s the part that our training centres play in the rich tapestry of construction.”

Who is your role model?

“My role model in construction is a lovely lady from Balfour Beatty called Marie McCaffrey. Marie is one of those people who is always in a rush, always too busy for her own good! Yet even with the pressures in her role as Training & Skills Coordinator, she knows every single person on site by first name and always takes the time to say hello and find out how they are. Not only does Marie genuinely care about how you are, but also remembers birthdays, what you had planned for the weekend, names of extended family members and even due dates for babies! A true inspiration for how to genuinely care about the people you are working with.”


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