CPCS testing report 2018

CPCS testing report 2018

BAM Construction Training are delighted to announce the release of their CPCS 2018 testing report. This report contains statistics on the number of CPCS tests that were notified throughout 2018, but also includes specific course data for theory and practical assessments, including pass rates, fail rates, average test durations and more.

Key Points

– BAMs overall CPCS pass rate for 2018 stands at 88% (89% in 2017)

– The percentage of candidates who passed their CPCS practical tests increased to 93% (91% in 2017)

– The percentage of failed theory tests increased to 18% (13% in 2017). This was mainly due to a 71% theory test pass rate on the CPCS ‘A73 Vehicle Marshaller’ course.

– CPCS ‘A40a Slinger/Signaller All Types All Duties’ remains the most popular course with 162 practical tests (184 in 2017) and a 91% pass rate (86% in 2017)

– CPCS ‘A62 Crane/Lift Supervisor’ has the highest practical test pass rate at 96% (95% in 2017)

– The new CPCS ‘A77 Telehandler 360 Slew’ category, which was introduced in March 2018, saw a 94% pass rate on practical tests and a 78% pass rate on theory tests.





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